Louis XI

Louis XI is the son of Charles VII and Marie d’ Anjou, he was born to the episcopal palace of Bourges in 1423.

During his long reign of twenty two years ( 1461-1483 ), Louis XI knew by means of patience and of persuasion to enlarge the territory of the crown and to strengthen the royal power on solid administrative bases what was worth to him the nickname of ” universal aragne “.

During his youth prince Louis testified of the envy to free itself quickly from the authority of his father, what was worth to him an exile forced first of all in Dauphiné, then in 1456 in Flanders where it found protection with the duke of Burgundy, Philippe-le-Bon, until the death of Charles VII in 1461. It is during this period of exile when his friendship with Jean Bourré strengthened.

During his reign had Louis XI the opportunity to visit Jean Bourré in Plessis-Bourré repeatedly, his first reaction when he discovered this castle quite recently finished, was to name Jean Bourré Minister of the royal constructions.

He died on August 25th, 1483, leaving behind him a kingdom vaster and stronger than he had received.

Louis XI and St – Michel’s order


The knights of the order of Saint Michel

On August 1st, 1469, Louis XI established in Amboise an order of chivalry bearing the name of Saint Michel’s order. This order included thirty six knights who had all taken the oath to king of France. Filled Jean was one of the first members, there was officer’s title of the order and occupied the function of treasurer there.

Louis XI created this order in answer to the foundation of the Burgundian order of the Golden fleece in 1430.

The distinguishing feature of the order lay in the bearing, in any opportunity, of a necklace of gold made by shells, holding a medallion representing the archangel bringing down the dragon.