Saint-Michael Tournament Order


A Great Knighthood Tournament :

The 4th and 5th september knights in armour will revive this great tradition of France History in XVth century.

Maine and Anjou, lands of the kings ! Each recess is an open-air history book

At 15 kilometers at the North of Angers, towers, proud and intact, the sumptuous castle of the Great Financier of the King, Jean Bourré, counsellor and close friend of Louis XI, Knight of the Saint-Michael Order.


Soon, the calm and the quiet of this place will make way for armours jingling, horses gallop and crowd ovation.

In this setting from another time, will take place a knighthood tournament like we didn’t see since centuries in this beautiful region : a historical joust in the most pure tradition of XVth century, when will fight valiant knights of all backgrounds for the glory of their coat of arms. This year, the event gathers valiant fighters from France, Norway and Australia.

The 7th Saint-Michael Tournament Order

The Ecuyers de l’Histoire bring back its former glory and especially the authenticity by the use of real lances, lances of dull ash ferruled by a steel coronel, identical at those used by knights of the second part of XVth century.

Well hosted days for broadest public as possible

Nothing will be forgotten to make this tournament unforgettable : tilt judges, herald of arms, squires and knights will rival for eloquence and skill ; minstrels, dancers and acrobats will animate a village of artisans, who will reveal you their dexterity, while the Ladies will embellish of grace and charm the tournament ceremonies.


Weekend programme



Practical information

Hours :

Saturday 4th september 2021 : 10h – 19h

Sunday 5th september 2021 : 10h – 18h


Prices :

Adults : 12 € / Flat fee adults weekend : 18 €

Children (5 – 15 years) : 6,50 € / Flat fee children weekend : 11 €

Flat fee family (2 adults + 3 children) : 40 €

Children – of 5 years : free


Artisans :

You are an artisan and want to take part of the medieval market ?

Contact the team of the castle :