Discover the backstage of the Plessis-Bourré

For the first time since its opening to the public, the attic of Plessis-Bourré is accessible to visitors. Majestic frames will be presented to you. They bear witness to the knowledge of the craftsmen who worked on their construction as well as their restorations. They left behind them many testimonies engraved on the walls of the castle, still visible to this day.

Focusing on the military aspect of this large medieval castle, this new tour offers you the opportunity to put yourself in the place of one of the many soldiers who have roamed these places through the ages. Round path, arrowslits and machicolations present themselves to you!

Accessible now, this tour allows you to freely visit the attic. Information panels are set up in the numerous rooms of this tour in order to send you all the information necessary for the proper understanding of these places.

Practical informations

  • Discover from now on this new self-guided tour available on opening days from 10am up to 6pm without extra costs.
  • This tour is recommended for experienced visitors
  • For more information on opening hours and prices, click here