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Start the guided tour by learning about the exceptional architecture of the chateau and see one of the drawbridges pulling up. Then explore a dozen rooms presenting a wide variety of decorative styles : from the XVth to the XIXth centuries. Continue in the Grand Reception room remained intact from the Middle Ages ; learn about the reasons that led two French kings to this room and reveal the secret of its door.

Marvel at the unique XVth century ceiling of the Guard room and try to find out the meaning of its alchemical symbols. Visit the library containing more than 3000 books from the XVIth to the XIXth centuries and hear about the numerous changes that this long 36 m room underwent.

The guided tour ends in the Saint Anne’s Chapel where you can contemplate the scultures representing religious scenes and saints.

You are also invited to take a walk in the park along the moat and admire the picturesque vue on the chateau and its facades from different angles.

Practical information :

  • Guided tours last about 1h10
  • Guided tours are held in French. For guided tours in other langages, reservation is required.
  • Paper guides for foreign visitors are available in 5 langages : English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian.
  • The maximum number of people allowed per guided tour is 40.
  • The reservation can be required during the low season. Reserve your guided tour here !
  • On event days, guided tours may be cancelled. In this case, visits will be only possible within a self-guided tour. You can consult our event schedule here.
  • Please check out the hours of guided tours and prices here !