Ordered around the Castle, 8.5 hectares of grounds and farmland are a true encounter with nature. Surrounded by trees and meadows, it is above all a place to walk. Anchored in a protected environment, the course offers magnificent views of the castle. We can walk on the edge, lingering on the banks or walk the “Mail” Lindens.

Apart from old subjects: Oriental plane trees and cedar of Lebanon, and remarkable species: bald cypress, tulip tree, oak, walnut and honey locust America, we can discover spontaneous vegetation along the moat. Grasslands have supplanted the island gardens of the seventeenth century and are punctuated by oak and ash trees of over a hundred years old.

At the entrance of the park, you will discover a medieval garden on the theme of alchemy. Colors and symbols take up the secret language of this science, practiced by Jean Bourré. The plants were chosen for their symbolism, their healing or magical properties.

This garden is an overview of popular beliefs about the benefits of “herbs”, of learned medicine or plants associated with witchcraft. Perennial, aromatic, wild plants and ferns are lined with “plessis.”